World Prayer Circle

World Prayer Circle

By Sylvain Didelot

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On a guidance of the angels, I decided to set up since March 2018 a circle of prayers. We had initially managed lists that quickly
became unmanageable by law and physically. Fortunately, the guides have given me to make « symbols », active images that we
can load and use together. Thanks to Jean Louis Ludenni for helping me to concretize my visions in a synthetic image while
systematically respecting the proportions of the golden ratio.

On the side of prayers or care or intentions according to the possibilities of each
It is here to pray together at the same time on Wednesdays at 20H GMT (Paris time)
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(For those who know how to program a treatment, so you can, like me, program it for these moments)

Every Wednesday at 20H GMT (Paris time), therefore, we will all pray together for all those who have included in a request for
resolution of a solution of health or life for them and also for the other kingdoms that accompany us if it wishes.

ATTENTION: This circle of prayers is a help in supporting energy, No promise is made as to the results.
In no case should this circle substitute for a medical consultation or ongoing treatment.

This is an Energy Supplement we hope for the best for you.

I invite you to read the conversation we had with Archangel Raphael on this subject:

Archangel Raphael 16 03 2018:
Hello, I am the Archangel Raphael, Here are my « instructions » for the use of the « transmutation module of energies » that we have channeled to you.
The idea is to increase sufficiently the vibration of the erroneous information (disease or conflict situation) that you wish to
correct in order to be able to perceive it from another angle, from a divine angle.
The miracle is always a correction of the vision, it will be here to allow each soul to receive this vision, this correction of the truly
divine nature of the situations you live.
We asked you for two drawings, one on a background of the sky so that we could, with the help of all, look at what is presented to us, and when I say « we » is presented, I speak of entities of light and sky doctors who join this work.

Video here ans below :

On this image that everyone sends the purest energy, his best intentions, his best will to help this world on which you evolve
For those who wish to connect to the source of love that you will deploy, it will simply connect, look or think to join this egregore of light through the drawing having the mountain bottom symbolizing the earth.

video here and below :

Thanks to the proportions and symbols implanted, each one will receive his own light, his own vision.
This circle is not closed, it is open to the whole world and to all kingdoms (animal, vegetal…)

Sylvain: How to put someone in the list, how to « register a situation »?

Archangel Raphael: There is no need to keep a list, it will be a matter of focusing on the image « catcher » with the mountain
scenery and then, by your thought, that you focus inside the triangle, think about the situation , to the person, to the work you
want to « heal ». Be certain your request will be « read » instantly. You can also, in the material, place a sheet or a small paper inside
the circle with on this paper, the names or situations of your own list.
Then, have a good thought towards the « transmitter » grid, the drawing with the sky. Even if you are in the list of those who
« receive », as the representative of God on Earth, your pure intention will join the other intentions. The world can be « neat » as

Sylvain: Is there a broadcast / reception day or can it be done anytime?

Archangel Raphael: It is clear that the power of a specific moment stores more energy when you are reunited, in reality or
intention at the same moment and you can choose one but, every moment can be a moment of emission and reception and it is here is the intention that counts in every respect.

Sylvain: So, I keep Wednesday evening at 20H GMT (Paris time) for those who want to keep a specific moment even though I
understood that we can join this moment in intention, which many care techniques are able and then, even the intention of the
heart already does it

Archangel Raphael: Right. The time has come for such systems of communication with divine energy to be offered to the world.
Sylvain: Since there is a drawing « transmitter and receiver », I thought that putting a list between the two drawings seemed like a good idea, what do you say?

Archangel Raphael: Yes, of course, this allows for a more « continuous » reading and reception of prayer intentions

Sylvain: I am often asked if we can put a prayer for someone other than is or a situation that does not belong to his own free will, what do you say?

Archangel Raphael: The law of free will is constantly respected and if it seems important to us to bring it to consciousness, so do not ask the modification of a situation for a person who does not want it in conscience. This law is still respected by us and
therefore, in all cases, we will be in the exercise of the free will of the soul to which the request is addressed.

Sylvain: So we can ask for an intention for people without their agreement?

Archangel Raphael: it is better to have it, once again, but we will ensure that this law of agreement is respected. Let everyone
make sure that others do what they REALLY want, and everything here will be for the best.

Sylvain: Thank you, is there anything else to know about this circle of prayers.

Archangel Raphael: This circle can and will be passed around the world, and we thank you for bringing it to the world Sylvain. The scope of such a work rests on the goodwill of all so, brothers and sisters of light who read or hear this word, wear this circle
wherever you can, spread this work of love that we want to carry with you. We are here to help you in these times to allow you to access your greatest glory in the deification of matter. Nothing here is impossible.

Do not make this circle of transmutation a religion or a pure commercial work without putting all your heart into it. Know how to thank the bearers of love and prayers to you because it is the human here who calls on the divine in him for the greatest work to be accomplished through you.


Priest drawing, send your intentions, healing, into the circle for everybody
Healing drawing, place your demand in a paper or thinking in the triangle, look at the drawing during few minutes

IF you want, you can place your healing experience below :